Scandinavia’s greatest inspirational speaking success of all time

Lasse Gustavson Seminar

Meet the Swedish firefighter who suffered a terrible gas explosion and miraculously fought his way back to a meaningful life.

Sometimes you may feel like you just exist. You have a demanding job, and like many others, you are caught up in a frenetic race dashing for the next problem to be solved.

Have you thought of what possibilities are actually out there? Have you considered living life on your own terms?

We often succumb to pressure from people around us to the extent that we risk losing our own free will, the will to change directions, the will to choose another path.

Better quality of life, the difference between living and surviving are keywords in this unforgettable presentation given by one of Europe’s finest inspirational speakers.

Lasse did not only cheat death – he allowed the accident to be a turning point that changed his way of thinking. He taught himself how to be in touch with the mind of a body so irreparably damaged.

The presentation Your Thoughts – Your Possibilities is a journey where, regardless of your background, education or position, you gain an insight into yourself in a way that has changed the mindset of many. The presentation has been given on different continents to business executives in China, India and Australia, in several European countries and at leading Scandinavian companies like Volvo, Ericsson, Ikea and Statoil.

This seminar will give you as a manager, your employees and your company the freedom to understand the possibilities you actually have.


«Many of us live in a time in which
our wishes can be attained.
If we dare.»

 – Lasse Gustavson

Lasse speaks to his audience straight from the heart and delivers his gripping speech in an upbeat manner. Despite the tragedy he underwent, he manages to bring both humour and hope to the stage.

He gives presentations not only to company employees, but also to professional athletes, teachers, students, interpreters for the deaf, hospital staff etc. who all have one thing in common: They are ready to question whether or not they are giving their life its very best shot.


It is your life and your possibilities.